Our Touristic Sites


Tourisme is an imoptant sector as regards as the role it plays in the development process in many fields and in incresing the living level to the places and inhabitants where tourists are recieved.

Due to the geographical sitation of Sidi Bel Abbes ; wich is in the center of the western part of Algeria ; it is considered as the most important touristic site.

* SIDI MOHAMED BENALI (lake): Ain Trid city is situeted 1.7 km far from Sidi Bel Abbes with a superficy of 76 hectar ; 40 hectar are water superficies ; it contains very beautiful and attractive views and places where thousands of people come to spend the holidays and even the week-end. They look for place ; calm and the fresh air. This lake attracts many sorts of birds and fish because of the different plaints and trees.

* TESSALA MOUNTAIN : The Mont Tessala is one of the mont attractive place for the citizens ; the climat is nice because of the situation 1061 meters high.

* DIFFERENT FORESTS SUCH AS : Tenira forest ; Moksi ;Edaya etc. Many families and hunters come to these places.

* CARNO PLACE ( 1st november 1954 monument) : in the middle of the town near the 4 cloks ; the theater ; the court ; the post office. These building were built during the colonialism period ( the frensh architecture) during the 20th century.

* THE TOWN HALL ; LOUMI CASTEL ; NAPOLEON CASTEL : These Castels are related to the frensh colonialists and they are historical and touristic sites (Napoleon 3).

* THE AGRICULTURE FACULTY (ITMA) : is composed by many hosting rooms ; formation ; experiences fields in agriculture and oven use by the university of Sidi Bel Abbes.

* THE DOME: It was built during the colonialisme period. Its architecture is single and it is the unique model in Algeria. Now ; they are renovating it.

* THE GREAT MOSQUE : situated in EL Graba popular district.

* ABOU BAKR MOSQUE : used to be a church ; next to the town hall.

* THE PUBLIC GARDEN : The first in the west of algeria . It countaines rare species of plants and trees. It has got a swimming pool and and an open space theater. It is a good sport park.

* THE RAILWAYS STATION (radio station now) : was constructed in 1937. It is the symbol of the geostrategic situation.

* EL GRABA CITY (village negre) :known for commercial shops and one of the most ancient cities.

* HORCING CLUB: Situated in the west side of Sidi Bel Abbes.